Do you have village to lean on? Newborn Moms don’t need to be worrying about preparing meals for their family, laundry and cleaning but focusing on falling in love with their baby and learning to breastfeed/feed and learn their little ones. Have you heard new mothers say that they have lost themselves, feel isolated, don’t have time for things that make them happy, or feel like they are not getting the type of support they desire from their partner?

This is a time of great transition for the whole family but especially you as the newborn mom.  Having the support of a postpartum doula can virtually eliminate many of these worries, fears and doubt.  We will work together to design a plan that will suit you and your family best during this time. Creating a self-care plan to accelerate your healing process, preparing fresh cooked meals that align with healing for your mind body and soul, assist with any nursing or bottle feeding questions, provide natural remedies for common postpartum issues and most of all help you find your peace and joy so you can enjoy and love your world with your new addition.

My name is Myah Hohnarth and I am a birth advocate, daughter, sister, mother of two boys, and a wife.  The birth of my first son fortified my desire to care for women and their families during this transformative time.

I have a deep passion to provide support in a nonjudgmental environment so that moms can experience labor, birth and postpartum period in the way that they choose to do so. As a doula, my goal is for every woman to come out of labor, birth and postpartum period feeling empowered and have a positive outlook.


All photography provided by Jared Chambers

   Myah Hohnarth   


Myah Hohnarth